“I was not expecting this to come out as delicious as it did! It quickly became a new family favorite.”

The tantalizing blend of flavors in this dish makes it a must-try for spice enthusiasts. Discover the perfect harmony of seared kielbasa, succulent shrimp, and a soft-boiled egg in a bed of spicy noodles.



Explore the essential elements that contribute to the symphony of tastes:


Ingredient Quantity
Butter 1 tbsp
Vegetable Oil 1 tbsp
Kimchi Juice ΒΌ cup
Soft-Boiled Egg 1
Uncooked Egg 1
Kielbasa or Sausage As desired
Chicken or Vegetable Stock 2 1/2 cups
Garlic, diced 1 clove
Ginger, sliced 1-inch piece
Scallions, chopped 3 pieces
Korean Red Pepper Powder (Gochugaru) 2 tbsp
Ramen Noodle, cooked 1 serving
Sesame Oil 1 tbsp
Asian Chili Oil 1 tbsp

Equipment Needed:

Ensure you have the following tools ready for a seamless cooking experience:


  • Frying Pan
  • Cooking Pot
  • Whisk
  • Bowl for Serving


  1. Prepare Ingredients:
    • Gather butter, vegetable oil, kimchi juice, a soft-boiled egg, an uncooked egg, kielbasa, chicken or vegetable stock, garlic, ginger, scallions, Korean red pepper powder (gochugaru), ramen noodle, sesame oil, and Asian chili oil.
  2. Cooking:
    • Heat butter and oil in a pan. Add kielbasa and shrimp, sear until golden.
    • Add diced garlic, cook until golden brown.
    • Soft-boil an egg for 4 mins, then cool.
    • Whisk the uncooked egg for 15 seconds.
    • In a pot, bring stock, whisked egg, kimchi juice, garlic, ginger, and scallions to a boil (10-15 mins).
    • Cook ramen noodles separately.
    • Transfer noodles and broth to a bowl, top with scallions, crispy garlic, shrimp, kielbasa, and sliced egg.
    • Drizzle with sesame and chili oil, sprinkle gochugaru to taste.
  3. Tips:
    • Use high-quality ramen noodles for better texture.
    • Boil the soft-boiled egg for precisely 4 minutes for a creamy yolk.
    • Experiment with different noodles if desired.
    • Achieve a golden brown sear on kielbasa for optimal flavor.
  4. Presentation:
    • Arrange ingredients symmetrically for an appealing display.
  5. Enjoy!
    • Dive into the delicious blend of flavors in your Spicy Noodles with Seared Kielbasa, Shrimp, and Soft-Boiled Egg.

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