Dakota Striplin: A Voice (and Story) Channeling the King on “The Voice”

The world of talent shows thrives on uncovering exceptional voices, but sometimes, an appearance transcends mere vocals. Such was the case with Dakota Striplin on “The Voice,” a contestant whose performance resonated far deeper than just a song.


Standing on that stage, Dakota wasn’t just another singer. With his striking resemblance to the legendary Elvis Presley, a hush fell over the audience as he picked up his guitar. The somber young vocalist launched into a heartfelt rendition of “Love Me Tender,” and in that moment, it was as if time itself rewound. Each note echoed the King’s own, transporting everyone back to the golden era of Rock and Roll. It wasn’t just imitation; Dakota’s performance carried a genuine passion that resonated with every soul in the room.



But Dakota’s talent wasn’t confined to his voice. He possessed a captivating stage presence, weaving personal stories into his performance. He spoke of his grandmother’s cherished memories of witnessing Elvis live, adding a layer of heartwarming nostalgia to the already enthralling act. This personal touch sparked laughter and playful banter with the judges, with Dakota even jokingly hinting at a possible familial connection to the King.

However, the story took an even more intriguing turn when Dakota revealed a surprising DNA discovery that cast doubt on his known lineage. This revelation hinted at a potential, and frankly fascinating, link to Elvis Presley himself. The bombshell added a whole new layer of intrigue to Dakota’s background, leaving the audience eager to learn more.

To witness Dakota Striplin’s captivating performance and delve deeper into the mystery surrounding his heritage, watch the full video below. Prepare to be transported to a world of undeniable charm, captivating storytelling, and pure musical brilliance that channels the spirit of the King himself.

Watch below:

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