Apple Officially Warns Users to Stop Putting Wet iPhones in Rice

In a surprising revelation, Apple has officially cautioned users against a long-standing remedy for wet iPhones—placing them in a bowl of rice. The tech giant suggests that this popular method may, in fact, pose a risk to your device. Let’s delve into the details of Apple’s warning and explore the recommended alternatives.


Apple’s Cautionary Note

In a recent support document, Apple issues a warning against using rice to salvage wet iPhones. The company suggests that this age-old remedy may lead to unintended consequences, specifically the risk of small rice particles damaging your iPhone.


-The Rice Remedy: Myth vs. Reality

For years, the practice of placing a wet iPhone in a bowl of uncooked rice has been a go-to solution. The belief was that rice absorbs excess water from the phone. However, Apple’s recent advisory challenges this widely accepted myth.


-Potential Damage Caused by Rice

Apple doesn’t elaborate on the potential damage caused by rice, but the caution is clear. The company also discourages other well-known hacks, such as using external heat sources or inserting cotton swabs into the connector.

-Apple’s Alternative Solution

Instead of relying on rice, Apple recommends a step-by-step alternative solution for wet iPhones. This involves unplugging the cable, tapping the iPhone to remove excess liquid, and allowing it to dry in a well-ventilated area.

-Why the Rice Hack Falls Short

Experts in phone repair, including Apple, highlight that the rice hack works slower than simply leaving your iPhone on a counter to dry. Time is of the essence in preventing water damage to the device’s internal electronics.

-Importance of Swift Action

Time sensitivity is crucial when dealing with water-damaged iPhones. The longer the exposure to moisture, the higher the risk of irreversible damage. Swift action can significantly increase the chances of a successful recovery.

-Detailed Instructions for Drying iPhones

Apple provides detailed instructions for users to follow if their iPhone or charging connector gets wet. These steps include unplugging the cable, tapping the iPhone, and patiently waiting for at least 30 minutes before attempting to charge or connect an accessory.

What to Do If Your iPhone Still Won’t Charge?

If the issue persists, Apple recommends leaving the iPhone in a dry area with airflow for up to a day. The company acknowledges that it might take up to 24 hours for the device to fully dry. If the problem persists, further troubleshooting is advised.

Consensus on the Ineffectiveness of Rice

Apple’s caution aligns with repair experts who have found that the rice hack is not as effective as conventional drying methods. Leaving the iPhone in an open, dry environment is considered more efficient in preventing water-related damage.

Real Stories of Successful and Unsuccessful Rescues

To illustrate the effectiveness of different methods, users share their personal experiences with wet iPhones. Success stories highlight alternative drying techniques, while unsuccessful attempts underscore the limitations of the rice remedy.

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